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My name is Cajun Graham.

Getting to produce the magazine for these shows is really the most fun I get all year. My day-to-day business is running the Get Local Classifieds publication as well as a local Knoxville Magazine call Hushh (Knoxville's Best Kept Secrets). 

I have been blessed with my partnerships with Cooper Events, owners of the Corvette Expo, Cooper Corvettes, and who partnered with ET Motorgear to form MCS Promotions, which owns the Pigeon Forge Rod Run (formerly called the Grand Rod Run). ET Motorgear is also the talent behind so many shows around the country's logos, t-shirts and promotional graphics and merchandise. They also create many of our amazing covers that coordinate with the show swag. I am so glad I was able to reconnected with the owner of the Shades of the Past, Mr. Dan Draper, (whom was my very first Rod Run Show magazine I have ever produced) and was able to do his last two shows. Shades of the Past event will be greatly missed!! (But I am hoping to work with the group who is keeping the Triple Crown of Rodding event from the Shades alive now in Nashville).

And I could never forget my fishing show magazines for the East Tennessee Fishing Show as well as Alabama Fishing Show for Sheila Bunch- an amazing woman! And now we are working with Joe Carpenter with the Grand National F-100's to produce their show for 2024. 

I look forward to working with these wonderful shows and their vendors to create a quality and engaging magazine for the show-goers and vendors alike.  

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Advertising in the Show magazines is very affordable and helps you get your business and products in front of thousands of people locally and nationally.

When advertising in multiple publications, you benefit from great discounts. 

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Corvette Expo and PFRR S19 Larry Crain 2
Corvette Expo and PFRR S19 Larry Crain 5
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We make it easy to find out what you need to do to become a vendor or enter your classic or hot rod at any of these great shows!  Click below to find out more!

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