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East TN Fishing Show

For over 30 years, the Fishing Show has been held in the Knoxville area, but with several different owners and various locations. The success of the show has been up and down, and almost to the point of failure.

In 2010a new owner, Shelia Bunch, stepped in with a drive, passion, and determination to create the best fishing show of it's type in the Southeast!

After renaming the show to "East Tennessee Fishing Show", the next step was to rebuild the exhibitors, vendors and boat dealers witha  strong focus on the fishing industry. These changes proved successful and allowed us to outgrow the location at the Jacobs Building and brought us to the Knoxville Expo Center which has over 90,000 square feet of available space! This location is more convenient to restaurants, hotels, and access to the greater Knoxville area.

Our main goal is to provide a great family friendly fishing event to attend for everyone who has a passion for fishing!

Corvette Expo
Corvette Expo and PFRR S19 Larry Crain 2

Corvette Expo was the "brain child" of Byron Cooper (owner), with his brother Ronny, of Cooper's Corvette Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Byron opened Cooper's in 1967 on Broadway in the North end of Knoxville in a rented 4 car garage, but bought their own building 2 years later.  


Early in 1976 Byron came up with the idea to have a Corvette show & open house at their business location on Broadway in Knoxville and invite several vendors they had met through the Corvette business. Soon word and popularity spread and their location was no longer big enough!


After hosting at several locations around Knoxville, the Corvette Expo has found a nice new home at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge.  With over 100,000 square feet inside, and massive outdoor vendor and parking space, it makes the Corvette Expo a widely popular show with the young and old, anyone who loves Corvettes and fast cars!

Pigeon Forge Rod Runs Spring/Fall
Corvette Expo and PFRR S19 Larry Crain 3

Over the past 39 years, MCS Promotions has expanded the Rod Run (formerly Grand Rod Run) into one of the largest automotive events in the Eastern US. The show generates millions of dollars for Pigeon Forge and takes place twice a year in April and September at the new LeConte Center. 

Since moving the show to the LeConte Center, the show has more than doubled in size. The previous location lacked the space for growth. Not only did the show gain space, but it also gained recognition. Many celebrities, including Cindy Howard (Shirley), Christi Lee (All Girls Garage), Courtney Hanson (Power Block TV), and Bryon Cooper’s favorite, Dennis Gage from “My Classic Car TV,” have made appearances. People come from all over the US to view the Rod Run’s outstanding collection. Unique vehicles such as “The Dracula” and “The Koach” from the 1960’s show called The Munsters have made their way to the Pigeon Forge Rod Run. Eddie Munster even held a meet and greet with the vehicle, as well as the original Bat Mobile replica and Jim Mitchum from the movie, “Thunder Road.” MCS Promotions only expect the growth to continue. 

One show a year just isn't enough for this Rod Run Event! The Pigeon Forge Rod Run takes place each Spring & Fall. Featuring some new and recurring vendors, classics & street rods! 

Don't miss the Cruisin' the Strip, Hunter's Horse Power & Hot Rods, Car Show, Swap Meet, & Car Corral at every show!


For more information go to

You can sign up to be a vendor or check out the prizes you and your classic can win!

Shades of the Past
Corvette Expo and PFRR S19 Larry Crain 3

Shades of the Past is celebrating it's 39th and final year. It is held in the Dollywood Splash Country parking area and is well known for being home to vendors of new and used parts for almost any hot rod. 

I was honored to start their program magazine back in 2005 when I worked for Bargain Mart Classifieds, and am honored to be working with them again! Look out for more on this show, and ways to get your business in front of thousands! 

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